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The College is aiming to achieve the highest standards of excellence for student learning and performance.
It will be is recognized for high quality undergraduate and graduate education in the physics, mathematics and statistics in the region. It will also be committed to continuous improvement of its programs through a systematic assessment.
It will be a leading provider of first-rate scientists.


The College of Science (CS) is the home of the basic sciences at Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), which is one of the countryís leading universities. The Collegeís fundamental mission is to generate and disseminate knowledge in the physical sciences, mathematics and statistics nationally and internationally. This mission includes advancing the frontiers of knowledge in the physical, mathematical and statistical sciences; providing access to a rich educational experience, at undergraduate and graduate level, that will motivate and enable students to seek the highest levels of intellectual achievement and personal growth; sharing knowledge, discoveries, and inventions with the people of Sudan, and the world. The mission of the College also includes providing excellent basic science education to all students in the University. The College is committed to be the leading provider of a skilled work force in the physical, mathematical and statistical sciences in the country.


  • * Teaching basic and applied natural sciences to students enrolled in the college.
  • * Teaching basic sciences throughout the University.

  • * Conducting scientific and applied research.
  • * Carrying out extra-mural training.