Physics Department

Head of department : Dr.Mahmoud Hamid Mahmoud Hilo

Department of Physics, one of the oldest departments of College of Science, was established in 1990, the date of establishing the college of science. The department based on the former department of Laboratory Technology - Khartoum Polytechnic. Graduates are awarded Honors B.Sc. degree after the completion of eight semesters. In addition to undergraduate programme, there are also postgraduate diploma, coursed-based Master of Science in Nuclear Physics and Solid State physics, and research-based Masterís degree and PhD programmes. There are 30 students registered for M. Sc. Programme, 35 students registered for postgraduate diploma students, and 350 undergraduate students. The teaching staff consists of six PhD holders and seven M. Sc. holders in addition to other three who are on scholarship to obtain PhD. Department of Physics teaches physics across the University; College of Education, College of Medical Laboratory Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Agriculture, College of Forestry and Range, and College of Earth Science and Water Technology as well as the College of Science. The Department is planning to introduce new programmes such as Medical Physics ands Lasers.

Academic Programs:


  • Physics Laboratories
  • The college posses a number of 6 laboratories divided as follows: 3 physics labs for undergraduate students (General Physics), a lab for basic electricity experiaments, a lab for solid state and nuclear physics and laboratory for electronics and instrumentation.