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The college should take the task of developing animal production through providing a high standard educational environment and working towards developing the educational programs and practical skills to co- op with international standards. The college is envisaged to emerge out as a distinguished national and international center in animal production research.


The college mission is congruent with the general mission of Sudan University of science and Technology whish will be reflected in good quality instruction, scientific research perfection and community service as will graduation of qualified cadre with scientific degrees and professional ethics that will fulfill the needs of the local market as well as the local and international markets.


  • a. Encouraging the student to adopt spiritual, cultural and environmental society values and to direct their
  • b. Qualifying the student in animal production, and fish and wildlife science on international basis with emphasis on local standards and practical aspects.
  • c. Conduction of practical scientific studies on animal, fish and wildlife resources, in coordination with local, regional and international institutes.
  • d. Executing programs of graduate studies in animal production, fish and wildlife and relevant fields of specialization.
  • e. Providing training programs for work in the sectors of animal production, fish and wildlife.